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Sub Lieutenant VIKRAM N Subramaniam

Cadet Unit Commander (CUCDR)

SLT V N SUBRAMANIAM joined New Zealand Cadet Forces in 2006 as a supplementary staff at 3 Squadron, Air Training Corps, where he also was commissioned. He later moved to 5 Squadron Rodney District, then moved on to 31 Squadron Morinsville due to work. He returned to Auckland and joined Training Ship Gambia in 2015.  SLT V N Subramaniam took command of TS Gambia from its temporary commander LTCDR Grant Edie in 2018. SLT V N Subramaniam’s vision for the unit is to make Training Ship Gambia one of the largest Navy Cadet unit in the country with the help of array of outstanding staff.


LTCDR Headington joined T.S. Gambia as a cadet in November 1989. Commissioned as an Officer in the NZCF November 1996. Took over command of the unit in July 2005 and handed over command in December 2014. Awarded the Cadet Forces Medal for 12 years service February 2006 and the Clasp February 2014. After a short term of leave LTCDR Headington has come back to support the unit by mentoring the new unit commander, officers and cadets; whilst passing on the vast knowledge that she has to the next generation of upcoming Cadet Force Officers.

Sub Lieutenant Christopher Simmons

Training Officer

Sub Lieutenant Simmons joined TS Steadfast (now TS Godley), in Christchurch, as a Sea Cadet in 2006 aged 14. After 1 year there, he transferred to TS Achilles in 2007.For the next 4 years he continued as a Cadet until he reached the rank of Master Cadet in 2011. In November 2011, he commissioned as a Sea Cadet Officer, became the rank of Ensign and took on the position of Training Officer. In September 2013 he became the Executive Officer of TS Achilles, a role he would hold for the next 3 years. In December 2014, he was promoted to the rank of Sub Lieutenant. In 2018 SLT Simmons transferred to TS Gambia, to undertake some new challenges..

Ensign Nathan Covaich

Admin Officer

He joined cadets on the 29th of November 2012 as a cadet. He has come through the ranks as a cadet reaching the rank of Petty Officer Cadet in April 2016. In late 2016 he attended the Under Officer course and was promoted to Under Officer upon return from the course.  He currently holds the position of unit Admin Officer as a member of the ships staff. He has also held the role of Unit Training Officer. He has made the commitment to continue on with Cadet Forces and will be attending the May 2018 Commissioning Course. He has also had some amazing opportunities with Cadets Forces, the highlight of which was the 3 and ½ Week CANEX exchange, to Vancouver, Seattle and Hawaii.

Under Officer Timoteo Perise

Assistant Training Officer

He is an Under Officer in Training Ship Gambia and he has been serving the New Zealand Cadet Forces for 8 years. He joined in 2011 at the age of 12 and a half and have been enjoying every moment of it. In my Years of service, he has represented New Zealand twice in the Canadian New Zealand Friendship Exchange, he has taken part in numerous ANZAC ceremonies and have been able to meet and make new friends wherever he goes within cadets. He found out about TS Gambia as he used to play soccer and go training on the fields opposite the unit and have been pulled in by the uniform and the drill that was presented in that time. Now, he is an Officer in training and is learning new things and still meeting new people.

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